Can plumping lip glosses make your lips look younger?

Can plumping lip glosses make your lips look younger?

Looking to defy the signs of aging around your lips? As we age, the smooth fuller lips that we used to have when we were younger tend to disappear. Loss of skin elasticity and hydration causes our lips to get thinner and lose their color as we age. However, this change can be slowed and even reversed with the help of some plumping lip glosses!

Have you ever wondered if your plumping lip gloss can actually help keep your lips looking younger in the long run? A smooth lip texture and fullness indicates young-looking lips, compared to the thin flat lip lines as the body ages. Keep reading to see how plumping lip glosses can help keep your lips looking younger. 

(Dark) magic behind some lip plumping glosses

When looking for a lip plumping gloss that is good for your lips, it is important to remember that not all lip glosses are created equal. Below are common plumping lip gloss ingredients to avoid.  

Spices and herbs

Spices and minty herbs are a common ingredient in plumping lip glosses. These ingredients are included because they boost blood flow to the lips, which leads to the appearance of fuller lips due to mild swelling and redness. The following spices or plant extracts are commonly found in some plumping lip glosses: cinnamon, ginger, wintergreen, and menthol or mint. These don’t tend to last very long.


Capsaicin is the compound found in chili peppers that causes the classic burning or irritating sensation in spicy foods. While capsaicin is most often a safe product, it can trigger an allergic reaction or even cause hives in super-sensitive individuals. If you know that you are sensitive to products with capsaicin, it would be best to avoid plumping lip gloss that contains this ingredient. 

Bee venom

Apitherapy, or the use of bee venom therapy, is an old practice that is still used in some cases to increase skin plumpness. Similar to the ingredients above, this ingredient leads to fuller and plumper lips. However, just like with actual bee stings, everyone has different responses to plumpers with bee venom as the main plumping ingredient. Be on the lookout for allergic reactions!  

Plumping ingredients such as cinnamon, ginger, capsaicin, or bee venom generally do not benefit your lips in the long run. In fact, overuse of lip glosses with skin-irritating ingredients can lead to lip dryness and even peeling. Plus, they risk allergic reactions and frequently leave your lips feeling dry and burned.

Hydration can counteract that feeling and is a key component of lip glosses that may actually help keep your lips looking young. In fact, just adding hydration to your lips reduces lines and wrinkles, which tends to give a person more lip fullness. 

We made something better

Our lip gloss was designed to be both a moisturizing and plumping lip gloss that you can feel working. The clinically-studied ingredients protect, repair, and plump your lips to leave you with improved lip texture, volume, hydration, and softness after 30 days of regular use. 


We started with a key ingredient based on a blend of natural plant extracts called Volulip. This clinically-proven and patented ingredient helps stimulate collagen production and adds volume to the lips, while hydrating and plumping fine lines and wrinkles. Studies have even shown that using lip gloss with Volulip twice daily for a month can double collagen production and increase lip hydration by 50%! 

Frescolat® MGA

Frescolat MGA is another patented ingredient in our lip gloss that provides a fresh and cooling sensation, while plumping your lips for up to four hours. The cooling sensation from this plumping ingredient is refreshing, feels great and is the opposite of most burning lip plumpers.

Hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid is a hydrating compound that is naturally produced in the skin. However, hyaluronic acid levels decrease as we age. Many beauty products, such as facial serums, include hyaluronic acid due to its wonderful moisturizing properties. Hyaluronic acid is an important ingredient in our lip gloss: the moisturizing properties increase lip volume and help rebuild the skin layers in your lips. 

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is another great ingredient found in our gloss that can help keep your lips looking young. Vitamin E is a micronutrient that helps your cells regenerate and also has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It moisturizes your lips and the antioxidant properties help repair your lips from environmental damages by stimulating new cell growth.  

Shea Butter

We use shea butter for its known benefits in healing and preventing chapped lips. This ingredient gives your lips a silky smooth texture and avoids dryness. It is able to deeply penetrate the skin layers in your lips, which helps prevent future lip dryness. 


Thanks to the non-toxic magic of our plumping lip gloss formula, you can get full youthful lips without injections. Even better, you can maintain your young looking lips if you choose a lip gloss with high-quality, clinically-proven restorative ingredients! Hyaluronic acid, Vitamin E, and shea butter are three ingredients you should look for in the formula. 

Our Plumping Lip Gloss goes the extra mile with multiple active ingredients clinically shown to double collagen production and increase lip hydration. With increased hydration and elasticity, plus improved shape and texture, the promise of more youthful looking lips is within reach.




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