Beauty Manifestation—How Feeling Confident Can Help You Attract What You Deserve

Beauty Manifestation—How Feeling Confident Can Help You Attract What You Deserve

Beauty. What do you think of when you hear that word? Do you think of yourself or do you picture a celebrity? The great majority of people are concerned with their looks and want to improve their appearance. This is even true for people who everyone else considers to be beautiful. All too often, we’re our own worst critics. 

There is no set definition of beauty. By society’s standards, beauty is based on the visual appearance of someone. Perhaps the cliché saying “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” is not so cliché—beauty can be subjective. 

Do you associate beauty with confidence? There is actually a link between confidence and beauty. Studies have shown that people who think of themselves as attractive are more confident. On the other hand, confident people have a beautiful aura about them that draws other people in. This article is going to cover how feeling confident can help you attract what you deserve. Keep reading to learn how you can harness the power of your mind to manifest, or bring about, your desires. 

Where do you stand on the confidence scale?

Researchers have seen a positive correlation between confident people and success. The Rosenberg Self-Esteem Scale was developed by a team of doctors that assesses a person’s positive and negative attitudes about themselves. However, it most likely does not take a physiological tool for you to know if you are generally a confident or unconfident person. 

Feeling confident, or lacking confidence, can permeate every aspect of life. It may affect how you spend your free time as well as your career aspirations. If you are starting to worry while reading this, since you are not a confident person, stop worrying! It is possible to gain confidence and attract what you deserve. 

Building confidence

Building confidence, as the word ‘building’ suggests, takes time. Improvements are layered upon improvements. There are dozens of suggestions and even programs available that can help a person build confidence. Here are five basic tips that will get you started in building your confidence: 

  1. Invest in your appearance
  2. Reduce or eliminate negative self-talk
  3. Demonstrate inquisitiveness in others
  4. Practice good posture and smile often
  5. Worry less about what people think

The law of attraction

The law of attraction is fundamentally about taking control of your life and achieving a feeling of self-empowerment. Self-empowered people are confident! The law of attraction helps you harness the power of your mind to manifest, or bring about, your desires. 

The law of manifestation is a sub-component of the universal law of attraction. This law basically states that the object of our constant focus will manifest in our lives, irrespective of whether it is positive or not. Our minds are incredibly powerful tools. Negativity leads to more negativity and bad outcomes, while positivity usually leads to better outcomes—even in less desirable situations. 

How to attract what you deserve

At this point, you may be wondering if these theories are pseudoscience or if there is truth to these methods. Neurobiologists have shown that certain neurons in the brain are more likely to be consistently activated with repeated positive stimuli. Follow the steps below to begin attracting what you deserve. 

Believe that change is possible

First, your mind has to be convinced that change is possible before you can set things in place to realize your dreams. Generally, starting a change is the most challenging step. Once a person has started, they can keep going once they have enough momentum. 

Believing that change is possible, and not only possible but fairly easy, helps a person overcome any initial resistance to change. Remember: negativity brings more negativity. If you do not believe that you can start working out three times a week, then it will not happen!

Next, you must manifest what you want. Some people call this “Asking the Universe”. You can do this in several ways. You can speak what you desire out loud. Or you can speak it in your mind, write it down, or put it on a vision board. The purpose of this is to keep your goal top of mind so you can work toward making your goal a reality. 

Visualize your future

Visualization is a powerful tool. With your eyes open or closed, picture where you want to end up. Picturing yourself achieving a future goal can fill you with positivity, which gives you the motivation and energy to tackle the challenge. Make your visualization detailed since this makes it more convincing and effective for your mind to begin taking action. 

Use positive affirmations

Positive affirmations are statements that you repeat to yourself to raise your self-belief and confidence levels. Choose goal-specific affirmations to help you stay on track. Don’t be afraid to adapt your positive affirmations along your manifestation journey. The daily use of affirmations is critical—this retrains your brain! 

Love yourself

Love yourself through this process. Give yourself grace. Loving yourself will help keep you going in the right direction, toward your goal, even when you may face a setback. Loving yourself is the source of your positive energy. 

Take action

Logically, change does not happen without actions. While the belief that change is possible is the foundation to a manifestation, action must occur to get to the end goal. The beginning steps are necessary to get our brain on board, which then motivates our body to take the action steps. 

Final thoughts

Following the steps above can help you get where you want to be—whether it be a more fit body, a different job, or living in a different city. But keep in mind that there is a balance between manifesting your goal and obsessing over your goal. Do your best to stay positive even if getting to your new destination is taking longer than you desire. 

When we feel good inside and out, we can connect more with the world and people around us. These connections can turn on the tap to the superpower of connection, which leads to a more meaningful life and a healthier world.

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